10 Steps to Writing Your Vision Quest

What does that mean, “Writing your vision quest?”

Caveat: The thumbnail summary, below, is based on an understanding available to an urban Caucasian woman in the best half of life.  I intend only highest honor, respect and acknowledgment to indigenous traditions and their questers.

Vision quest.  In traditional indigenous societies, vision questing was often seen as “coming of age” rituals for the young people of the community.  They quested, usually alone, for several days and nights in the wilderness. This was considered a time of fasting, prayer, ritual, and deep listening for experiencing nature’s messages in the moment, sometimes supplemented by visions. Returning with their visions, they took up their roles in their communities. Often the visions shaped their active participation and contribution to their society.  

In a virtual community, in a fast-moving society, is there a place for, or a way to tap into the power of the vision quest? And if so, how to bring together the pieces of a Vision Quest in the current urban crush and hurry?

In my experience, what comes first is finding ways of going deep, creating a space for tapping profound inner silence.  (Outer silence often goes hand-in-glove.) This is what the traditional vision quester experienced through wilderness walkabout, fasting, prayer, and wakefulness. These were the ways to hone their abilities to tap deep insights, connect at profound levels with the energies in nature, and to bring forth visions crucial to the survival of their communities. Post-quest, community participation and sharing of the messages through action was the whole point.

As a writer, I write. I bring the writing process to crucial and practical questions we face now, where everyone's vision is needed to move forward our projects of planetary healing and global peace.

Writing Your Vision Quest is a journey and way to go deep first so that you are building a strong foundation for the visions and messages you are meant to bring out to the world.  For everyone who is looking to shift the energies of the planet, to make the world a better place, to heal your people and your circle, Writing Your Vision Quest can be a powerful first step and place to get grounded.

10 Steps to Writing Your Vision Quest: Nutshell Version
I’ve identified a 10-step process for Writing Your Vision Quest. What follows is the list including brief explanations. Try on the pieces and see how they fit.  In future blog posts, I will expand on each step and offer practical pathways through the questing and toward manifesting the vision.

1. Listen into your own present moment. (As Ram Dass famously said, “Be Here Now.”) Write down what you hear from outside -- and especially from inside.

2. See clearly where you are: Notice. Notice. Notice. And notice WHAT you notice. Observe. Look. Examine. Write down what you see, from the outside, from inside, and from dreams too.

3. Acknowledge the energy of exactly where you are. Right now. Stand in whatever situation you are in, and embrace it. You can only start from where you are, so acknowledge where you are -- in words. As my friend Paul Bauer from Dreams Alive likes to say, “Can you be ok with this even if nothing changes?” Because in acknowledging and accepting, you are opening the door for shifts.

4. Act. Take action from the place of where you are. You can only take action in the present moment and only move from where you are standing.

5. Write it down. Write it ALL down. As my coach Alan Hickman reiterates (and reiterates), “Document and quantify.”

6. Gather the insights, inspirations, and ideas.
Gather them like firewood. Some are large. Some are small, like kindling. When you want to start a fire, you need all kinds of wood. If you will be there several days, there’s even a reason to collect wet wood, because you can dry it out.

7. Reflect on and shape your own learning stories.
[In the Hawaiian tradition, it’s called “Talk Story.” It’s the audible transmission of wisdom. If you can’t talk it in the moment, then for sure, write it down.)

8. Share your stories and messages. (See 9 & 10)

9. Connect with believing mirrors. They are all around you. If you are at Peaceful Day, we are but a click away. (“Believing mirrors” is a brilliant concept from Julia Cameron and her many books, especially The Artist’s Way.)

10. Invite and embrace community to live your legacy and transform your life and livelihood.

So ponder these ten steps to vision quest your life and livelihood using words.  Maybe your path will include other steps. Please share those here. We are all creating the path as we walk it. What works for you may help someone else, so please note down what you notice!

Your personal wilderness is within, and it awaits your presence. Great wisdom resides there, if you have the courage to vision quest your way along those inner paths.

Many blessings on your journeys.


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